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News: The journal Science has published the research article "Impact of Antarctic Circumpolar Current development on late Paleogene ocean structure" co-authored by Dr. Benjamin S. Cramer at Theiss Research. Please see the abstract of the article and the press release of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where the first author Miriam E. Katz is based.

Theiss Research is dedicated to supporting scientists who have research ideas that have the potential of being funded and would like to pursue them in a truly independent spirit.

This means that through Theiss Research, scientists are able to apply for funding to many private foundations, governmental agencies, or any other funding bodies. If a grant is awarded, Theiss Research takes on the grant administration, hires or employs the scientists, and provides them with a fully virtual infrastructure, such as remotely accessible computers. Thus, scientists are fully supported to pursue their own research ideas freely and wherever they like to live. If you are interested in becoming an independent scientist please contact Theiss Research.

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